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Impacting Lives

Meet some of the staff nurses, nurse researchers and nurse educators who are supported by donations to the Oncology Nursing Foundation.

“Every child has the right to be happy and healthy during their childhood.”

Jinbing Bai,  PhD, MSN, RN
Recipient of an Oncology Nursing Foundation Congress Scholarship

“My interactions with patients early on really helped me grow as a human being.”

John Merriman, PhD, RN, AOCNS
Recipient of ONS/Sigma Foundation for Nursing Research Grant

“Every day in life that you get a chance to make a difference, you should take it.”

Maggie Smith, DNP, MSN/Ed, RN, OCN
Recipient of Emerging Leader Scholarship

“I want to play a larger role in helping my patient navigate new treatment options.”

Deborah Ann Whalen, RN, BSN, CHPN, OCN
Recipient of ONS Master’s Educational Scholarship

“ONS is one of the best places for new researchers to get funding.”

Susan Schneider, Phd, RN, AOCN, ACNS-BC, FAAN
Recipient of the Oncology Nursing Foundation Doctoral Scholarship

How one email changed Theresa Hardy’s life forever.

Theresa Hardy, PhD, RN
Recipient of Dissertation Research Grant