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ONS Congress Scholarships

ONS and the Oncology Nursing Foundation’s top concern is always the health and safety of our staff, our members, and the patients they take care of. ONS members play an essential role in leading the delivery of care to immunocompromised people every day. We must safeguard them from any unnecessary exposure and ensure the essential healthcare providers are available to service their communities.

Based on this information and the fact that numerous partners have implemented institutional travel bans, preventing many stakeholders from attending Congress, the ONS Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to cancel the 45th Annual ONS Congress™ scheduled to take place in San Antonio, April 29-May 3, 2020.



Does Oncology Nursing Foundation require that I return the Congress Scholarship funds I was awarded for Congress? 
Yes. The full amount of $1,200.00 must be returned. 

  1. I already purchased my ticket. If you have purchased a ticket you must return the full amount, less any potential airline cancellation fees, to Oncology Nursing Foundation, 125 Enterprise Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15275.  Please provide a copy of the receipt showing the fees that were incurred. If you paid for Congress registration, your registration fee will be refunded by Experient directly back to the source of the payment. See the specific case scenario below which fits your factual situation.  
  2. I received a Congress Scholarship for Congress, but I did not spend any of it. Do I need to do anything? Yes, Please, send the full amount of the Congress Scholarship back to Oncology Nursing Foundation,125 Enterprise Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15275.  If you have the original check that was sent to you and have not yet cashed it, please send back the check. 
  3. I received a Congress Scholarship, but I spent part of it. Do I need to return what was spent? Yes. Oncology Nursing Foundation will require full scholarship awards be returned 

I purchased an airline ticket with my Congress Scholarship– what is the return process? 

  1. Please cancel your travel immediately.  Flights must be actually cancelled before the flight day and time. Each airline has its own policies.  You may receive a refund from the travel company, but in most cases, you will receive a travel credit with the company that you booked through. 
  2. Travel credits are not transferrable – therefore you cannot transfer this credit to the Oncology Nursing Foundation. The travel credit will be yours to use as you wish.
  3. Since the travel credit is personal, Oncology Nursing Foundation will require reimbursement of the full Congress Scholarship, less any cancellation fee charged by the travel company.  
  4. The airline will only refund me in a travel credit. Will Oncology Nursing Foundation still require me to pay back this portion of the Congress Scholarship awarded. Unfortunately, travel credits are non-transferrable, therefore the travel credit will only be available for your personal use. 

I am an international Congress Scholarship awardee and was expecting to receive my award in check form at the Congress.  What do I need to do?
Your award check will be cancelled here.  Please take care of cancelling your travel arrangements and refer to sections above addressing travel. 

My scholarship was issued to my institution on my behalf and not to me directly from the Foundation.  How do I go about returning the scholarship award?
Your institution should return the full scholarship awarded to the address below by May 31, 2020. Please give the appropriate person in your organization this information. 

Who do I return the Congress Scholarship funds to?
Please send a check payable to Oncology Nursing Foundation to 125 Enterprise Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15275.  If you wish to pay by credit card, please contact Customer Relations at 1-866-257-4667, option 2. 

When must I return the Congress Scholarship funds to Oncology Nursing Foundation?
Return the funds by May 31, 2020. 

Can I keep the Congress Scholarship funds for a future ONS event?
No. All Congress Scholarship funds must be returned, in full to Oncology Nursing Foundation. 

Can I apply for a Congress scholarship from the Oncology Nursing Foundation in the future?

I still have a question about returning Congress Scholarship funds that I received. To whom may I direct my question?
If your question was not answered above, please direct your question to



All awards, grants and scholarships are tentative and subject to change based on funding availability.

Purpose:  To support a registered nurse interested in improving cancer care by developing their personal knowledge as a result of attending the ONS Congress and sharing this new knowledge with others.

Scholarship:  Recipients will receive an educational grant for up to $1,200 to apply toward ONS Congress registration, travel to and from Congress and per diem Congress expenses.  The Congress registration fee will be deducted from the grant prior to payment.

Individuals living or working with a 50-mile radius of the conference location are eligible to receive the conference registration fee only.   This congress registration fee will be paid directly to ONS.

NOTE:  An individual cannot receive this scholarship more than one time. 

Application Deadline:  December 1, 2019 

Applicants will be notified via email by January 5, 2020


2019 Congress Scholarship Recipients

2019 Congress Scholarship Recipients

Korinne Ashlock

Goodyear, AZ

Regina Baldwin

Greensboro, NC

Beverly Balthaser

Charleston, SC

Carrie Belmore

Suwanee, GA

Lynnette Bird

Federal Way, WA

Amanda Box

Atlanta, GA

Caitlin M. Brecklin

Butler, WI

Grace Campbell

Allison Park, PA

Cindy Cao

Brookline, MA

Sandra Case

Louisburg, NC

Anna Choquette

Raleigh, NC

StacyAnn Crawley

Burlington, WI

Stephanie Dailey

Surprize, AZ

Rebecca Damron

Winston-Salem, NC

Diane Davey

Eltham Vic Australia vi

Joecelyn Densing

Encino, CA

Myrline Desormeau

Pawtucket, RI

Sylvia S. Estrada

Alhambra, CA

Nicole Evans

Grove City, OH

Melissa Farney

Swartz Creek, MI

Whitney Farowich

Seattle, WA

Crystal Fleischhacker

New London, MN

Daphne Fratis

Marysville, CA

Carolyn Goldstein

Chicago, IL

Julie Hamilton

Simpsonville, SC

Laura Haskins

Ann Arbor, MI

Meghan J. Hession

Amesbury, MA

Marisa High

Simpsonville, SC

Jacqueline Howland

Schenectady, NY

Tamika Johnson

Gainesville, GA

Becky Jones

Medina, OH

Stephanie Jones

Austin, TX

Lisa Kohanski

Euclid, OH

Jongwon Lee

Albuquerque, NM

Samara Lucas

Northridge, CA

Meghan Lundvall

Cody, WY

Magda Louis-Juste

Mirebalais, Haiti

Laiken Matlock

Lubbock, TX

Katherine Matza

Pacifica, CA

Laresa Meadows

Brighton, MA

Anne Miller

Olmsted Falls, OH

Christine Miller

Turnersville, NJ

Samantha Nafziger

Tomball, TX

Lisa O'Connell

Charlton, MA

Shannon O'Leary

Rochester, NY

Janyce Cassiolato Sguassabia Oliveira


Jennifer Paxton

Atlanta, GA

Allison Perrine

Fairfield, WA

Heather Pruim

Manhattan, IL

Alyson Quinn

West Boylston, MA

Chelsea Lee Richardson

Charleston, SC

Natalie Rua

Norfolk, VA

Deborah Anne Ryan

Portland, OR

Jill Sable

Atlanta, GA

Megha Shah

Hoffman Estates, IL

Tara Sigidi

Brooklyn, NY

Sarah Smith

Minneapolis, MN

Teresa Steklac

Chelsea, MI

Rebecca Swanson

Thomasville, NC

Timiya S. Nolan

Dublin, OH

Lisa VanWormer

Delanson, NY

Deborah Kirk Walker

Hamersley Australia

Tiffany Whetzel

Ransom Canyon, TX

Corinne L. White

Lake Hiawatha, NJ

Susan Wittren

Rochester, MN

Krystal Zamora

Orlando, FL